Whatup Duuuuuuuudes!!

sorry 'bout looooooooooong blank
im definitely still alive haha

btw, my life has changed a lil bit recently
the biggest change is that i changed some sponsor brands except a distro
MX gave me Fit, Lotek, and Fremont and i really felt honor in riding for em
but now MX gives me Lotek and Fremont as usual, also, they give me Cult and TSC!
im soooooooo stoked to ride for em
I always thank to MX because they are pretty kind to me and they never pressure me
thanks to them, i could keep my style and own pace
unfortunately, i gotta quit Fit, but i have no complaint about this move because of these reasons
heres pic of my new Cult Bad Boy
its cooooooool huh?
also, check my new rider page on MX website for more photos and info