Ryan Sher's five reasons.


For starting Subrosa?
I wanted to do an ad with a goat.
Mom said "Get a real job."
Impress babes.
I wanted my own business card.
The chance to work with Ron Bonner more.

For moving to Portland?
Traffic in Southern California.
The closest to an East Coast city in the West.
The forest.
Cost of living.

For riding a frame with a double top tube?
Why have one when you can have two?
Double the pleasure, double the fun.
Easier to carry an 18-pack while riding.
I can only do tailwhips to the frame.
My top tube will never be lonely again.

For wearing Air Jordans?
Reflective tongue for safety.
Air cushion for sore feets.
When I was 9 my mom wouldn't buy them for me.
Better fade away jump shot.
Hare Jordan.

For taking out the lip ring?
I got a little old.
Same reason I got it in the first place: Blink 182.
They started giving it to people at a mall kiosk.
Micah Kranz has one. :)
It made motor-boating too dangerous.

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